Meet Apple’s new NetBook…

July 2, 2009 at 2:02 pm (Techie)

Before the WWDC 2009 came about, there were several circles that believed, ok….maybe hoped that Apple will surprise many with the introduction of their NetBook. Their logic was simple. WWDC are normally reserved for mind blowing stuff. And with the leaks on the iPhone 3GS people didn’t believe that was all. After all, although it moved the iPhone further from its competitors, it was still not mind blowing enough. iPhone 3.0 was previously revealed and WWDC just confirmed on it’s launch date. Snow Leopard as many know is just an enhancement of Leopard (after all they just added the word “snow” in-front spoke volumes).

So there were really only 2 things that could make WWDC really mind blowing. The introduction of a Netbook or Steve Jobs made the keynote. Unfortunately for fans, neither made the show.

But there are several things that WWDC did however hint to us. As mentioned earlier, iPhone 3GS is no quantum leap. It was just giving the phone what should have been there in the first place – cut, copy and paste, MMS, tethering, etc. And Snow Leopard is an enhancement of an already awesome OS. So i ask myself this – what were the right-brain thinkers at apple doing all this time. I’m sure they didn’t spend 6-8 months and say “Hey boss…you know what. I think if we were going to call the iPhone a smart phone we should have MMS. I know my gandma’s old Ericsson does!”

These enhancement were surely crafted by the product team and of course things like MMS and tethering, well Apple now didn’t have to bow to AT&T all the time now that they have more carriers. So the question still remains – what were the think tanks up to all this while? We’ll come back to this a little later.

Another revelation at WWDC was that the MacBook 13′ has gone Pro – and rightly so. This basically leaves the only MacBook in the MacBook family was the 13′ MacBook with white polycarbonate shell. That’s 2 years old! Yes…it had some new stuff in there – but again nothing to do with the think tanks. And knowing Apple, they almost always update their line ever so often, and when they update – they really do mean update! Look at the iPod, the iMac’s and so. Huge changes.

So now we come to the interesting bit and actually the whole point of this too long blog. When Apple moved the 13′ to Pro status, did it just leave a window open for a new line of MacBooks? Could this just mean that the next MacBook is actually the NetBook. It’ll be quite a catching phrase don’t you think – “Meet Apple’s new NetBook, the MacBook”.

There has been some suggestive reports that Apple manufacturers have whispered about doing something for Apple with a screen size of about 7-8 inches are in the work. Plus of course i’m sure you have read the numerous patents filed by Apple. The probability coupled together with the thinning line of MacBooks, it just might be sooner rather than later that Apple will release a Netbook.

With times like this, more and more people are endorsing Netbooks as a report mentioned that 20 million will be shipped this year and Tim Cook, Apple’s COO made a mention that they have “some interesting ideas in this space”.

Here’s a picture from Mac Life‘s artist – Adam Benton on a “sample” of what it might all just be like:


According to Mac Life, patents from Apple could also mean that these little dynamites will work like a charm if you have an iMac. Here’s a pic from Mac Life again:-


This just looks so cool, when you slot in the NetBook, the dock on your iMac will automatically be displayed on the NetBook. This is a little bit further from the topic, but i’d thought i’d just share this with you.

Let’s try to come to a conclusion before this turns out to be a novel. Here’s my 2 cents, given for free, like it or not, that’s the beauty of the internet – freedom of thought and just about anything else:-

The reveal of the new “MacBook” aka NetBook, will most likely be in September with a launch date just before Christmas. What a better way for Mr. Jobs to reappear to the public eye and announce this! Just when we thought Apple could live without him….Bam!! Right back at you!

A few features that may very well feature in this new “MacBook” would be things like 3G availability, iChat, App Store and a camera. Also worth a mention that a full fledged (maybe “lite”er version) iWork suite. And for it’s pricing, well i’d venture it’ll be somewhere in the region of $599 and $699.

Before i close off, let’s just run through this few facts:-

– The MacBook line is as good as over for the time being. You cannot have MacBook Pro if you don’t have MacBooks – otherwise they’d just call it MacBook.

– Those think tanks that uses their right side of the brain more – what were they up to all this while. Certainly not thinking about cut, copy and paste.

– The return of Steve Jobs always means fireworks!

“Meet Apple’s new NetBook – the MacBook”.



  1. Kay said,

    I’d for one would love a netbook. apple first need to figure out how to put in iwork cause it’s going to be useless if i can’t use it for work. and if it doesn’t have an office, i might as well just stick to the trusted iphone.

  2. ネットブックとはなんぞや? | サルでき.jp | iPhoneアプリ作りを楽しむみんなのポータルサイト said,

    […] とりあえず元ネタとなった記事を2つほど見て回りましたが、 雰囲気的には大真面目です。 こことか こことか […]

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